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The Idylwylde entertains a casual atmosphere. All members and their guests are asked to observe the dress code of the golf course while in the clubhouse (with the exception that jeans are permitted in the clubhouse only). Any person’s attire found to be inappropriate according to management will be asked to change or leave.

Golf shoes and golf clubs are not allowed upstairs in the clubhouse however members and guests MUST wear some form of footwear as well as appropriate attire in order to be served in the dining area. Members and guests are respectfully asked to remove their hats while in the dining room.

Golf Course and Practice Facilities

All golfers will wear golf shoes and rain wear suitable to the sport of golf. No metal spikes are permitted.

Men: Sweaters, slacks, shorts, collared golf shirts, turtle neck shirts suitable to the sport of golf.

Women: Slacks, sweaters, skirts and shorts, shirts with collars and/or sleeves suitable to the game of golf.

Juniors: see the above. Parents and/or sponsors are responsible for the child’s adherence to the Club’s dress code.

Unacceptable Attire:

Jeans of any type (except in the clubhouse), tennis shorts, jogging or warm up pants, exercise shorts or pants, muscle shirts, sports jerseys, skate board shorts, tank tops or halter tops.

Members must inform their guests of the Club’s dress policy.